Why use songs in teaching English ?

Using songs in teaching language, especially English is a effective way to help students learn well. I think that there are many reasons to using song in teaching:
.They are easy for students to remember the language
• They can be great fun. And the biggest factor that makes them fun for the kids is how much the teacher likes them, so you have a perfect motivation for using your own favorites.
• They cover the same topics as they kids are covering in the English lessons and other classes: animals , body parts, school things, colors,… etc.
• They are the best way of marking different stages of the lesson, for example : teachers can start the class every week with the same song, end the class with another, and use songs or chants to mark other transitions like books out and books away
• Students can listen to the songs at home and revise the language
• They provide an achievable challenge for all levels of learner in mixed ability classes, by letting some students just show their understanding by doing the actions while others can sing along or even improvise their own words
• They can be used at whatever stage you are at with the language- e.g. presentation, practice or revision before a test. You can even use an action song for a week or two before the formal presentation, and so make the presentation when it comes much easier.
• They sound great to mothers and school managers listening outside your classroom door
• They can be performed during end of year shows or parties
• Songs contain repetitions and repetitions enhance learning.
However, what teachers should do to help student enjoy the song, act without embarrassment, understand the meaning of the words and remember them is a process to find and choose the best way which suit with students. Teachers can use gestures, pictures, posters.. and using themselves, their voice to perform the song. Teachers must be models for students. If they have terrible voice, they can use others recorder tape or available VCD. To make sure students will be interested in the song and can achieve knowledge from them teachers will need to make sure that:
1. The meaning of the song’s words can be made clear in a quick and easy way
2. Whether the students understand the meaning of the song or not is easy to gauge
3. The meanings and the song are easy to remember
4. The song is suitable for the students in terms of age, speed, content, embarrassment factor
5. The language in the song is similar to language they will be able to use in other parts of the class and/ or outside the class
As teachers, we need using many methods in teaching anything, in teaching foreign language, using the song is very effective. This is a simple way but the best way with storytelling which was interested in mostly by students.


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