How to be the best manager of the class

A class is like an organization. Therefore, it is very necessary to have a leader. it is believed that teacher is the best leader or manager of the class at primary school. To manage well, you (a teacher in the future) need to have classroom management rules or classroom management skills such as:

1. Monitoring

The key to this rule is to circulate. It means you get around the classroom while students are working. Aim of this is to check students’ process of working. In addition, students don’t sometimes keep silent, so getting around makes them quiet and focus on their learning. However, you should not interrupt them and should use soft voice when giving comments.

2. Giving direct instruction
The technique of direct instruction is by telling the students exactly what will be happening. To help student understand easily, instructions should be short and simple. Moreover, you can outline what you and your students did at the end of each lesson to help them remember better.

 3. Making model

We know that one of teacher’s roles is making model and one of ways of learning of children is imitating from adults. Therefore, modeling will help students to know what they will have to do. They will follow rules that the teacher set. Students usually think that their teacher is a good mirror, so everything you do affects them so much.

4, Using non-verbal communication

Non-verbal communication is a very good way to make learners silent and get their attention on you. There are many ways of using non-verbal communication such as using postures, gestures… For example, you clap your hands twice and teach students clap back twice immediately. This way is very interesting and effective. Students will stop doing their own things and pay attention on you.

5. Having a well-prepared lesson

This tip is very important. To do everything well, it is always necessary to have a plan that is prepared well. In addition, preparing well before going to the class helps you to feel more confident, so you can control many situations. Children usually think that their teacher is a good mirror to them follow. Therefore, when you are good at many things, you can create beliefs for your students. This will help you in teaching and managing the class more easily.

6. Loving your students

People only do something better when it is their passion. Therefore, when you love your job and learners and consider them as your children, you will feel that teaching is not so difficult. Besides, when you give them your love, you will receive their love and respect. They will listen to what you say and learn hardly as you want.

In conclusion, there are many ways to manage classroom well. Let’s choose the best suitable ways to get success in teaching and learning.


Thank you for spending time on reading my writing!



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