Storytelling – One of the best ways for learning English


After learning in storytelling lesson, I realize much more benefits than I have known. It is seen as the best effective method for children to develop their English, not only enhances children’s speaking, listening skills, but also increase their vocabulary, language structure … Besides, it is the chances for kids to imagine many things from each part and situation of story.

Storytelling lessons always bring many interesting things and useful for children, they feel comfortable and be attractive by the content of those stories. And after watching and observing some British Council‘s videos, I can see that, to have a good lesson, we – future teachers have to do and prepare many things:

First of all, that is to choose the suitable stories with children’s ability and meaningful. That means, the story should involve in the lesson. Besides, it is not too difficult for children to understand (too much new words or new structures…). For example, I have a story from my younger sister, she loves animals as well as learning English so much, so when her teacher tells stories about animals, she understands so quickly and gets high mark when called to retell. She also gets many new structures and meaningful lessons.

Moreover, we should say and explain something about the title of the story. For example, if the title has the new words, we should explain to children by actions and maybe sound. If you want to introduce about “cat”, you can make sound “meo meo”. It will be the good idea when you teach children read and pronoun exactly name of the title or characters’ name in the story. After that, we can introduce something about story and characters in the story.


While telling, we should use pictures, body language, real objects, and sound to make the story become more attractive, lively and help children to be easily to understand. One more thing, you need make some questions to check their understanding or encourage them to predict what will happen in the next parts …

The other important thing is the teacher’s role. When telling story, teacher should use different voices suitable with each character or each part. Teacher also makes eye contact and some gestures to children, ensure that they pay attention and under the story. In addition, teacher should use language simple and easy to understand, explain some words different to understand or some actions. After telling, teacher should repeat the main content and ask children to retell, maybe with action and some gesture, sound. For example, ask them to make role play, so many kids have the chance to express themselve, classroom will be more active and friendly.

To sum up, storytelling is a good way for children in learning English. I hope that some main points will be helpful for your future job – a teacher and you can use storytelling in your lesson by an effective way.    



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