teacher and chalkboard

Teaching aids play an important role in studying. There are many teaching aids that the teacher uses in the class, but 2 main teaching aids are the teacher and blackboard. Although it is old teaching aids, they is still used frequently because of several its benefit. So teacher is also considered as a useful teaching aid. Teacher is very active, intelligent and flexible so they make the lesson interesting. He can play many roles such as: + an instructor: teacher give the explanation to students when their students feel difficult to understand. + a mode: teacher act first and describe activities before asking student do follow them. + a player: teacher can take part in some activities with children. This help child have motivation to study. Besides, it is easy for children to understand teacher’s instruction or teacher can get feedback from their student + a manager: it helps teacher manage all activities of children in the class. If they manage well, they will create a positive learning environment. Besides all of them, teacher can also act as a narrator, singer, real object and so on. Chalkboard as teaching aids: the chalkboard a great tool in teaching ESL students. Even though there are some different tools that a teacher can use in the classroom. There are still many schools where blackboards are commonly used by the teacher. Chalkboard is not only a valuable visual aid to the pupils but also it is a force making for a sense of unit the class. The chalkboard provides many opportunities for variety and change in a lesson presentation. It is used for the different purposes which depend on teacher’s teaching purpose. There are some ideas for using board as the visual aids + the chalkboard can be used to write. Teacher can write the main content of lesson. For example: new words, key words, homework and so on… + chalkboard can be used to draw: instead of preparing a lot of picture, teacher can draw in the board. It is important skill for explaining texts and stories to the students. + chalkboard can be used to organize many different games such as warmer, filler or lesson ending activities. Some games can use chalkboard are: hangman, noughts and cross, and so on In conclusion, teacher should act different role in class to helps more effective class and more motivate the participation of students in activities of the classrom


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