The meaning of The film “Like stars on earth”

Like stars on earth brings a good message about education. The content of the film only turns around a boy named Ishaan Awasthy has trouble in reading and writing. He is thought to be such a stupid boy that his family has to send him to a special school. However, his life was really changed when he met a good teacher art and get his helping. The film seems to expand a new aspect of teaching children It is better for us to find out the strength and weakness of children , then create various activities to encourage them to develop it
Each child has their own talent, so we should try to discover their strength and weakness order to help them recognize their real ability. The young teacher in the film spent a lot of time to understand why Isshaan can’t learn well like his friend. He decided to make a trip to go to the home of the boy and asked his family to provide some information about the studying of a boy. Actually, he was amazing when he saw the picture of Ishaan as well as his problem. After that, he has tried to look for easiest ways to help Ishaan to read and write.He combined between studying and playing through these activities relating to imagine.
Teacher should develop children’ strength by various activities. In the film “Like stars on the earth” the young teacher always holds many activities to stimulate children to learn such as drawing, camping and so on. He knew that Ishaan is good at drawing, so he decided to organize a drawing competition for all students and teacher in the school. Luckiy, Ishaan won the first prize. Gradually, the result of Ishaan is better than he was. Finally, he becomes the excellent student in the school. Therefore, both teacher and his family felt emotional for the effort of Ishaan and the enthusiasms of teacher
In short, teacher and family should need to know what their children want and wish. We can’t use all the same ways for each child.Each child posses a kind of intelligence,so parent needs to try to discover the strength of children instead of obligating. Let try to understand their emotion and realize children’s ability. Education really needs to have enthusiastic teachers and oblige to change if necessary;


2 thoughts on “The meaning of The film “Like stars on earth”

  1. firstlt, thanks for your sharing. your writing is really a good sumary. and I want to share some of my thinking about this film. ok?!
    it’s really a meaningful films for all of us. it includes many messages for us to think about. it’s brought me much feelings but the most emotional things was the loneliness of the little boy and his thoughts at that time. I cried when I have seen it even for second times. That was a disadvantaged boy because he can’t write and read normally like others. He tried his best to do well but he can’t and both his teachers and family can’t see his problem and also his effort. they can only see his weekness and punish him. It’s really a tragedy if he doesn’t meet a enthusiastic teacher, art teacher at the special school. It was the teacher’s help that make the boy from a isolated student becomes a special boy.
    Pearls can not shine if you do not know how to sharpen it.

  2. Hello!I have just readed your writing. Thank you about your share.
    Firstly, your writing is rather good. I agree with you that finding the weakness point and strength point is very important in education to children. It is really a part of this film. However,in my opinion, the meaning of this film is to help the teacher and parent understand more about children to find out the methods to educate suitably. This film also criticize the education methods children no suitable in this film that the parents and the teachers always punish Ishaan. They don’t need to that Ishaan want to what and how. This film also give the message that Don’t lose the dream and desire of chidren. Don’t force children must follow adults.We need to care suitable to help children become better.

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