the shape song



The shape song


Hello everybody!

I have just change the song following your ideas. It’s quite easy to sing ^^

Link the song:

I’m a square I’m square
u can see me everywhere
i have four sides
I’m a square I’m square

I’m circle I’m circle
i go round & round & round
i have only one side
I’m circle round & round

I’m triangle triangle
I’m pointy little shape
i have three sides
I’m triangle triangle

we are shapes you can see us everywhere

I’m rectangle rectangle
Like a really long square
i have a four sides
i’m a rextangle reactangle

Lesson plan:

Purpose: Through this song, children will know some words related to the shape: Circle, triangle, square and rectangle


Teacher (T)

Students (Ss)

– Asks Ss to guess the meaning of words: circle, square, rectangle, triangle by real shapes

-T prepares 4 piece of paper and introduce to students:

This is a circle

This is a square

This is a triangle

This is a rectangle

-T checks the understanding of students by drawing some pictures and asks students:

What is the shape of the sun?


What is the shape of the box?


What is the shape of the hat?


What is the shape of the door


– Plays the song once time.

– Gives Ss handouts and asks them to choose the suitable word and fill in the blank.

– Asks Ss to listen carefully and plays the song once again.

– Checks Ss’ answers and gives feedback.

– Teaches Ss sing the song line by line (focus on pronunciation, linking sound…)

– Plays the song 2 times and asks Ss to sing together.

– Asks Ss to sing the song again with clapping their hands follow the rhythm of the song.

-Asks Ss to prepare a piece of paper and draw the shape which they like

-divides class into 4 groups base on the picture which they draw.

+ Who draw the circle? => You are “Circle group”.

+ Who draw the triangle? => You are “ Triangle group”

+ Who draw the rectangle? => You are “ Rectangle group”

+Who draw the square? => You are “ Square group”

-asks Ss to make the shape of their groups and then sing the song (Circle group will sing about the circle, Triangle group will sing about the triangle, etc…….)

-draws this picture on the board  and introduce the new shape : Star

I’m a star I’m star
in the sky so far
i have four pointy arms
I’m star I’m star

– Asks Ss to sing the song with new lyrics (2 times).

– Ask Ss to practice at home.

– Guess the meaning of the words.

– Answer T

– Listen to the song and do the activity.

– Listen to the song again and check the answer.

– Sing the song together.

– Answer the questions.

-sing the songs

– Sing together


One thought on “the shape song

  1. Hello! My name is Van Anh
    First of all, I want to say thank you for sharing your song. The rhythm is very attractive and interesting. And the lyric of song is quite simple so it is easy for students to listen and sing the song.
    However, I think that you should change these shapes by another things such as animals, numbers or colours to attract your students with making the new song. It also is the indirect way to help students to enrich their vocabulary and creat new song with some thing they like.
    One more time, thank you so much! I hope that all of you will become a good teacher in the future.

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