unit 8: school thing

members in our group

1. nguyen thi mai xuyen

2.ha thi thanh huong

3. do thi lan

Lesson plan:

Purpose: Through this song, children will know some words related to the shape: Circle, triangle, square and rectangle




Teacher (T)

Students (Ss)

– Asks Ss to guess the meaning of words: circle, square, rectangle, triangle by real shapes

-T prepares 4 piece of paper and introduce to students:

This is a circle

This is a square

This is a triangle

This is a rectangle

-T checks the understanding of students by drawing some pictures and asks students:

What is the shape of the sun?


What is the shape of the box?


What is the shape of the hat?


What is the shape of the door


– Plays the song once time.

– Gives Ss handouts and asks them to choose the suitable word and fill in the blank.

– Asks Ss to listen carefully and plays the song once again.

– Checks Ss’ answers and gives feedback.

– Teaches Ss sing the song line by line (focus on pronunciation, linking sound…)

– Plays the song 2 times and asks Ss to sing together.

– Asks Ss to sing the song again with clapping their hands follow the rhythm of the song.

-Asks Ss to prepare a piece of paper and draw the shape which they like

-divides class into 4 groups base on the picture which they draw.

+ Who draw the circle? => You are “Circle group”.

+ Who draw the triangle? => You are “ Triangle group”

+ Who draw the rectangle? => You are “ Rectangle group”

+Who draw the square? => You are “ Square group”

-asks Ss to make the shape of their groups and then sing the song (Circle group will sing about the circle, Triangle group will sing about the triangle, etc…….)

-draws this picture on the board  and introduce the new shape : Star

I’m a star I’m star
in the sky so far
i have four pointy arms
I’m star I’m star

– Asks Ss to sing the song with new lyrics (2 times).

– Ask Ss to practice at home.

Guess the meaning of the words.

–  Answer T

– Listen to the song and do the activity.

– Listen to the song again and check the answer.

– Sing the song together.

– Answer the questions.

-sing the songs

– Sing together








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