A special boy – An interesting and meaningful film

The film tells about a little boy, called Ishaan, who gets dyslexia and write. Surprisingly, he is a prodigy of art; his pictures describe all things in the world under his optimistic and delectable outlook. However, his parents and teachers always disparaged his ignorance. They only expect what they want from him, don’t consider reasons and his psychology. Gradually, Ishaan becomes less talk because his soul is injured a lot. The emergence of art teacher in new school has led him out of the shadows. The teacher sympathizes before this fate and tries to help him come back to life.

The film is incredibly deep and meaningful. It reflects many problems that exist in education such as: inadvertence of parents and teachers, relic disease, rigid curriculum, inadvertence to students’ psychology. Through this film, we can see clearly that a good curriculum is not really good with all students. Because each person will have different aptitudes and limitations, so teacher must be active in specific situations and then know how to promote strengths and limit weaknesses to their students. In fact, we should explore the problem’s cause before judgment; especially being the teachers, we need have both deep knowledge and love to students, so students can learn well in friendly environment.

In addition, we should encourage them promote the creativity and association. In this film, although Ishaan gets dyslexia and write, his remembered ability is very good. He can relate the words with real objects and images in life. Therefore, if language learners can apply this strategy, they will learn vocabulary well – the main factor to study the second language.

The language teachers should consider the art teacher in film as ideal model. Instead of rigid framework lessons, he has created comfortable atmosphere and encourage students’ creativity. Therefore, now students like studying drawing lessons than ones in the past. It isn’t different from learning language; learners also need a friendly environment and comfortable psychology to learn. Therefore, the teachers should organize many activities in the classroom and ensure enough the content. This method can help students learn English better.

In short, the government should have suitable policies for education. Teachers must have both deep knowledge and love as well as avoid disparaging disadvantaged students. On contrary, teachers need pay more attention to these students in order to find out suitable methods. One more thing, we should encourage students create in lessons, avoid rigid ones. Education must provide real knowledge, no the number of classes and high marks. As the result, teachers can teach following any method, but students’ need also should be considered.


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