Chalkboard and teacher as teaching aids

   Teaching aids play an important role to success in an English lesson. They can make the lesson more interesting and attractive so that children are easier to receive knowledge. Thus, many things used as teaching aids in the classroom such as: picture flashcards, number flashcards, toys, computers, puppets, models, videos, posters, etc. However, I will only analyze two of them in my writting, they are chalkboard and teacher as teaching aids.

Firstly, chalkboard as teaching aids.














  • Chalkboard is used to write words. The teacher writes the title of lesson, main information, outlines on the board. In case, the teacher speaks so quickly or her voice is not good, children can still see clearly the content as well as what the teacher want to say.In other words, children can also write their answers on the board and then the teacher checks in front of the class easily. Children will remember main content after the lesson ends.
  • Chalkboard is used to draw. It is excited to know that a board likes as a paper, we need a pen or a pencil to make images on white papers and we also need a chalk to do same things on the blackboard. However, one good thing for using blackboard is that we can delete and draw again what we want. In this situation, chalkboard likes a plot of great land for both teacher and student to create ideas which help reinforce the lesson.
  • Chalkboard is used to show pictures and posters. As you know, the surface of board is very smooth, so we can hang or paste pictures on the board. And children can see them clearly. If there is not chalkboard, what happen? Maybe the teacher must show them with her hands a few minutes and then put them down. Children can not see again the pictures anywhen they need. This is not convinient for the lesson.
  • Chalkboard is used to make sounds. In fact, it likes an instrument. We can use a pen, a ruler or even our hands to make sounds on the board. Children like sounds so much, so this will motivate learners more active.
  • Chalkboard is used to illutrate. When the teacher gives the word ‘board’ and explains its meaning in Vietnamese. It will be really abtract if the teacher use words to explain a word. In this situation, chalkboard is a real object, the teacher should point at it to explain the meaning of ‘board’ word.
  • Chalkboard is used to support games. For example, we play ‘crossword’ game. We need have a chalkboard to draw lines, to write words. If there is no board, game is difficult to manage.

Secondly, teacher as teaching aids














  • Teacher is a person who controls or manages the class. Chidren are very difficult to learn if there is not a help from teacher. In case, teacher leads them to learn, holds activities and games for children.
  • Teacher is a lively dictionary. Teacher can give students correct information and checks mistakes. Thanks to this, students can learn effectively.
  • Teacher is a real object. Obviously, teacher must be active and dynamic. For example, teacher should imitate the souds of animals when he/ she teachs about kinds of animals. Because this helps the classroom’s atmosphere more exciting. On other words, teacher also uses his gestures, postures as well as actions to express the content
  • Teacher is a singer. In the classroom, if teacher owns a great voice, she can teach English through songs. In fact that many skills are mentioned such as: vocabulary, pronunciation, structure, intonation, ect. Singing English songs make the lesson both interesting and effective.
  • Teacher is a drawer. As you know, images will help students perceive knowledge better. Teacher can draw any images to describe what he or she want to say by images, not words on the board. Images request students guess the content or meaning of words so that they remember longer.

To sum up, both teacher and chalkboard are useful teaching aids. We should try to find out more information about them, so we can depend on their benefits to bring effective lessons for students.


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