Chalkboard & Teacher – The available teaching aids

Teaching, learning and teaching aids have the close relationship with each others. Teaching aids are considered as the best tools in teaching and learning. How successful that teaching aids bring to a lesson. It is very great. Teaching aids, certainly, are various. In this writing, I would like to discuss some ideas of using chalkboard and teacher as the teaching aids.

Firstly, teacher is an available teaching aid. He or she can take on many different roles in teaching to support for the lesson. In other word, the teacher can be:

+ A model: A teacher, of course,  is always the person who gives an instruction or explanation to students. It is very important to have an explicit instruction so that your kids can catch your points. Let do first and keep it short and simple.

+ A “real object” or an example: When he teaches his pupils or students the lesson of parts of body, he will be the greatest “real object” to show his pupils what, where and which his nose is or his eyes are, for example. That means he looks like a big doll which is able to speak.  This way is more direct,  visible and easy for pupils to understand.

+ An actor or actress: Little pupils always love something new and exciting, so to make the lesson more interesting, the teacher can act following the activities of the characters in the story and let them do after that. They will be very interested in this.

Secondly, chalkboard is the best tool in teaching. It can be used as the tool and place:

+ To write: The name or title of the lesson is always written on the board. In addition, the task and the answers of the pupils are also presented here.

+ To draw: It is so simple to draw a picture with a piece of chalk on the board. Why don’t we use these available objects?

+ To show posters: Teachers can hang or stick pictures or posters on the board to help students image easily.

To conclusion, teacher and chalkboard are useful and effective visual aids. Therefore, the teacher should discover more and more new ways of using visual aids to have a good lesson.

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