Environment, Caring and Children’s brain development Environment, caring and Children’s brain development

According to recent science studies, there are six factors which affect children’s development: genes, mother’s milk, nutrition food, obesity, environment and medicine. They play an important role in forming and develop their intelligence. In which, the early experience and interaction with environment have great effect in a child’s brain development.

According to the survey results, those who live in unsuitable environment, in three-year-old, have average index of intelligence is 60.5 while those who live in a good environment, get 91.8. Scientists conclude that genes can decides children’s ability but environment and good caring take the major role in their intelligence.

The first three years of life is considered as the golden period for a child to develop his intelligence as well as the most critical for brain development. About 80 percents of the connections among brain’s cells are made during this time. In this period, language, remembering, listening and looking develop strongest and fastest. When a child gets three years old, he always concentrates on observing, listening and tries to remember and learn from around environment, especially language.  Therefore the stimulation which comes from environment is the most important in the first three years.

How should we do to help children’s brain develop perfectly?                            Let give your children a green space. Life through children’s eyes is very vivid, colorful, beautiful and attractive. These things which they get from outside will be kept long and stably. Because they can touch, smell, look, hear and feel so that they can make acquaintance with everything more naturally and easily. Parents should make a chance for children to learn anywhere and anytime. Let them learn from the simple things in the life such as calling the name of furniture at home and outside, distinguishing the colors of sun, leaves, flowers, etc.                      There are four simple ways which are considered to help children’s brain develop. Firstly, we should take care of children’s sleep and spirit. Sleeping has the great effect with their brain develop. Many studies showed that the good deep and enough sleep help children’s brain to act, help them more intelligent and creative. Children learn even when they are sleeping because the brain never stops working even when we are in deep sleep. We should not put children in stressed and pressure condition because they will be tired and get disease involving in their mental easily. We should encourage them with commendation moderate and timely in order that they are more happy and confident; their though will also be better. Secondly, we should supply enough nutrition food or energy for children to learn anytime.  The brain accounts for 10 percents in their total weight but it takes up to 40 percents of energy. Thus, the brain should be supported energy continuously, long and stably. Thirdly, choosing the suitable toys and games is one of the best ways to help children’s brain develop. These big size pictures, clear color toys with funny sound or smart games will attract them and help them  be creative, develop their imagination as well as complete their sense and their language skills. Lastly, playing with children is also the useful way to make them more intelligent. Parents should sing, play game, talk with them or read these funny, meaningful stories to them regularly. By that way, your children can get the early concepts and solve problems quickly in the future.

To sum up, environment and caring affect considerably children’s brain development. What all we should do is making a good place and smart education for them, especially in the first three years so that they can raise their own good points and decline the weakness.`


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