Factors that make your storytelling lesson successful.

It seems that pupils prefers listening to a story to studying. Because stories attract little kids by characters, situations which are more beautiful than in the real life. So why don’t we move a lesson into a storytelling? However, to have a successful storytelling lesson, teachers should pay attention to some factors which build your good steps.

The first one is voice. It is obviously the most important thing that a teacher needs to take care because he or she is in a storytelling class and an oral lesson. In other word, he or she has to talk, say and tell. How a storytelling lesson is if it is totally silent?
How to make teacher’s voice better or the useful ways to use our voice effectively? Changing tone, intonation in different contexts such as raise our voice, low our voice; making sounds as the sounds of an animal, the sound of wind, rain and so on are really necessary to create a funny lesson. Most of success depends on how a teacher plays with he or she voice in a story since this brings the life of the story to our kids vividly.
The second one is gestures. Combining actions with what you are saying helps you express your ideas more explicitly and understandable. It has no reason to deny the great power of body language in communication. It is also right in teaching. Kids still can guess what you want to say through your gestures, eye contact, facial expression, even you do not say anything.
The third one is visual aids. Materials are always the good tools which help teachers make the lesson more interesting and practical. The pictures relating to the content of the story help kids imagine easily. Consequently, kids will remember the story long and deeply.

The last one is tasks. Teachers should design tasks to measure and evaluate what and how much pupils achieve after the lesson. The tasks  should be clear and suitable with the level of your kids. They also should focus on the object of the lesson. For example, if you want to check vocabulary or new words which the kids have got, the teacher had better draw a task in the form of vocabulary, not in grammatical form.
Overall, four aspects above are all important. And it is better to combine them skillfully.


3 thoughts on “Factors that make your storytelling lesson successful.

  1. I agree with you that voice, visual aid and gesture are the most important factors to help teacher achieve the success of lesson. Occasionally, the teller must use various method to attract student to take part in their lesson. However, task doesn’t mean that teacher just pays attention to what student will achieve after finishing the lesson. I think teacher should divide activities into suitable ways so that all student can join it and help them gain knowledge easily. For example, teacher can ask student to work in groups and pairs to play the characters of story. A good and impressive story must leave student’s mind deeply. This means that student can remember it for a long term and even they can play a role about it.
    therefore, We must use and explore all tools which can help us achieve the aim of story.

  2. hi, Duyen. firstly many thanks for your useful sharing. at first, I just think storytelling is just for fun but now I know that it helps teachers a lot in developing a lesson. through your writing I also learn how to apply storytelling in a lesson and how to motivate students through storytelling. However, I think it would be better if you can share more examples about how to express or tell a story with gestures or with teaching aids and how students feel and learn from the stories.

  3. Hi, Duyen !!! I’m Thuy Van.
    Firstly I want to say thank you very much for your writing. After reading your writing, I want to give some comments.
    It is clear that you mention to some factors that make storytelling lesson successful. They are very interesting and easy to understand.
    However, I think you should say more specific about visual aids. There are some real objects such as toys, flash cards, models….These techniques can be used to make students concentrate on the story.
    In addition, you should talk about how to manage class because sometimes your story is too long, it make your kids feel boring.
    That is all my ideas I want to share with you. Once again, thank for sharing ideas.

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