My general view of elementary students in English

Brain is the most important organs of human body. Its work is that perceiving, analyzing information from external environment and then determines people’s action. Most of the brain’s cells are form before birth, but most of the connections among cells are made during infancy and early childhood. Therefore, young children are very easy to get information, especially for three years old toddler. According to scientists, 3 years old toddler’s brain is twice as active as an adult’s brain so that they encourage children who learn the second language have better learn early. Because children’ listening and pronunciation organs is easier to imitate different pronunciation at that age. Moreover, it is wrong when people thought that taking to a baby was not important because he or she could not understand what we were saying. In fact, most neurons aren’t yet designated for tasks and are waiting for the experiences in the environment to determine their function connections which are created by the sensory experiences seeing, smelling, touching and specially tasting, stimulate the growth of neural connections.

A child’s brain does not like an adult’s brain so that what should we do if we become a teacher?

At this age, children are obstreperous, so they have no awareness of what they do. An English teacher can not force 3 years old toddler sit  down the table and then teach ‘apple’ means ‘tao’, ‘mom’ means ‘me’. This is too boring and jejune. Children should learn by all organs (seeing, hearing, tasting and smelling) connect between studying and playing, knowledge and real objects suitably. For example, when we teach relative relationships, we can give and take them play drama. Through this action, children seem not to sustain pressure from study, but they still receive the content of lesson. Only by that way, children remember quickly. We also teach English around their favorite topics, using radio, pictures and songs for learning effectively.

To become a primary teacher is not easy. It requires that each teacher is always creative and sensitive in all context in order to avoid affecting to children psychology. Therefore, each teacher must try so much


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