Phonics – Learning Box UK (Phonics – LBUK)

From the need to change English teaching method, Phonics – LBUK has been applied in English primary curriculum in Vietnam. In reality, at present, this is advanced program which has brought positive results in applied countries. How is this method carried out?

Phonics – LBUK emphasizes on pronunciation, it means teaching English by how to spell each sound in the word, the same pronunciation in Vietnamese. As the results, students can pronounce English well, speak fluently and naturally.

There are three main advantages of this method:

Firstly, it helps students pronounce English well.

Secondly, it helps students recognize the words well.

Thirdly, students can develop many skills after learning Phonics.

Are these above advantages true? We will consider it together.

This curriculum includes 6 levels, from level starter to level 6. There will have the tests which express high science, quality and logic at the end of each level. Over level 5, you will have the equivalent capacity as Movers in assessment of Cambridge. Finishing level 6, students can speak English intonation well (Received Pronunciation), so they have basic foundation for studying higher levels.

Content and textbooks are suitable with psychology of primary students. In English lesson, teachers must connect their teaching with information technology. They also have to use flexibly different teaching forms such as: songs, games, storytelling, simulation training, description, drawing, presentation and so on. These help students have interest in studying and remembering knowledge. Therefore, students can develop many skills as well as know more about different fields such as: Art, Painting and Music. It also attracts students to English as their need and then helps them learn other subjects better.

Moreover, this method creates more interaction between teacher and students, helps them receive knowledge more quickly and deeply. Students watch videos and practice with their teacher and friends in English, so this English environment helps students use English naturally and creates the using English habit as the second language when they are in a knowledge English environment.

After learning Phonics, students can pronounce well all words they see, even new words without understanding their meaning, because they knew the spelling rules.  Studying Phonics earlier than English help students pronounce correctly, do not take time to fix later.

This method will exchange to recent one is that most of Vietnamese students learn English pronunciation traditionally. It means only know pronunciation of preciously learned words. In classroom, teacher usually requires students to read in union again and again for remembering the words’ pronunciation. This method makes students remember so much, but there is no effect.

It has brought great results in many countries. For example, in Singapore

In 2000, Singapore education Ministry compared the results of taught English by Phonics method and traditional one. And the results showed that students who learned following Phonics method get the average result 99/100 of pronunciation tests.

Therefore, our education should apply this method widely to enhance teaching English quality.

This is vivid illustration about basic syllables in English.


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