Storytelling – An interesting teaching method for primary students


   In my following writing, I will share with you some things that I learned from the lesson last week.

There are two important things, I think:

  • How to tell a story excitedly
  • What effects does storytelling bring in learning English?

Firstly, children’ psychology is too different from adults’. For them, life likes a pink cradle with a lot of marvelous things so that they enthuse faire stories as well as folk ones so much. In that world, people idolize unreal characters such as: handsome prince, beautiful princess or animals which know to speak human language. Through these, they can learn about living values, distinguishing good and bad, condemning bad behaviors. Therefore, mothers and grandmothers usually tell stories to their children and grandchildren in the evening to build good soul during the childhood. To capture children’ psychology, storytelling is put into English curriculum and has remarkable results. However, to get maximum effectiveness of storytelling in the English lesson, the teacher must have deep knowledge about this method. On other words, the teacher should know how to tell a story excitedly. It is difficult to give a perfect answer, but we can find out some supporting ideas around it. In fact that whether storytelling is successful or not is that depends on the teacher.

There are many factors such as: plot, the way to tell a story, teacher’s gestures, postures, facial expression, intonation, voice, preparation, and so on. For example, a English teacher will tell an animals story to her students. She must prepare pictures, cards, real objects which relate with the content of the story. Even she should imitate the sounds of animals which will make storytelling more attractive. Moreover, the teacher also should use all parts of body such as: legs, hands, fingers and face to express the plot or new words vividly and creatively. Children like imitation so much, so they like speaking English in the classroom, the teaching earlier. Thus, to tell a story successfully needs a lot of factors, If you are a English teacher for primary students, you can refer some useful elements above.

Secondly, storytelling is an effective teaching method for younger learners. Children can combine between playing and learning without only learning. Through this method, the teacher can teach vocabulary, simple structures, pronunciation as well as its lesson. In additions, by looking at pictures and the teacher’s gestures, children learn by heart new words very quickly and remember deeply than other learning method. A lesson with storytelling will be more exciting and attractive.

In short, storytelling is a great teaching method, especially for younger learners as elementary students. English teachers should use advantage of its benefits to teach better.

a great story:


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