Teacher and chalkboard as teaching aids


Nowadays, there are many modern  teaching aids to help the teacher in teaching, esspecially in teaching language such as computer, flash cards, cassetts.  However, we also have two avalable things in the class, which have not received much concerning, that are the teacher and the chalkboard.

Firstly, how to use teacher as teaching aid?

In the classroom, teachers are not central, but they play an important role because they are the guiders, the instructors to help students to practice steply and get the best archivement in learning. A teacher in primary school is a ‘superman’ because he/she has to do everything. They sometimes have to be a singer, a dancer , a model, a narrator, a presentor, an actor, or a painter, and many other roles. I’d like to focus on 3 prominent roles, that are teacher as a model, a dictionary, and a real object.

To primary student, the learning a language is mainly imitating rather than understanding all the rules. Therefore, the teacher have to be a good model to teaching well especially in teaching pronunciation. It’s teachers who help student pronoun all the words and correct their mistakes. To help students get the lesson easily and understand it, teachers ussually have to use their body language to illustrate the ideas.

Moreover, a teacher should be a dictionary, even aencyclopaedia because students will ask and ask all the time and all the problems that they get in the class. Teachers should prepare themselves to be asked and answer properly.

Besides, teachers are real objects. They use their body as an object at any times because it’s avalable one. In particular, our body is very useful on teaching vocabulary about body parts, clothes, etc.

Secondly, chalkboard is also an useful teaching aid. The classroom was designed to always have a chalkboard in front of the students. The chalkboard is the most popular teaching aid which seem to be avalable every classroom. However, we are forgeting and reducing the using it in teaching because it seem to be very monotonic. Therefore, using it effectively is making it to be centre by ‘decorating’ it with knowledge of the lesson. It means that we will display all the lesson on the board in the intersting way. We often use the chalkboard to write the topic and the main ideas to help students to focus on and take notes, it’s useful for students’ learing at home and learing for their exam. However, we can make it more magnificent by using colorful chalks to highlight the main points or painting something in. We can also use it to show everything by sticking them on the board such as pictures, cards, charts, maps, and students will be easy to folow.

To sum up, teachers and chalkboard are two important teaching aids in teaching language. How to use chalkboard and ourselves effectively depending on us and our knowledge about them. I hope that my writing give you some helps. Thanks for reading!


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