Telling Story “The Lion and The Mouse”

Lesson Plan

Story: The Lion and The Mouse

Group members:

  • Nguyen Ha My
  • Tran Mai Linh
  • Vu Thi Thao
  • Nguyen Thi Thoa
  • Tran Thi Thuy

1. Class description: 23 students

2. Time: 10 minutes

3. Purposes: After the lesson, Ss will be able to:

  • Provide new words
  • Improve Ss listening skill
  • Use body language
  • Retell story
  • Improve Ss predict skill

4. Teaching aids: board, hats, pictures.

5. Procedure

Teacher’s activities


–        There are 2 teachers (Thuy, Thoa) act as 2 main characters: The Lion & The Mouse

–        2 Ts wear 2 different hats and then ask Ss guess what animal they act as. Ts use the sounds of 2 animals.


–        Ts give the name of 2 characters and the story

–        Ts stick 7 pictures on the board in order of story’s content.

–        Ts begin to tell the story. While telling the Ts use pictures and their gestures/ body language.

“The lion and the Mouse” – stories for kids about friendship

Thoa – It was a hot day in the forest. Sheeru ate a big meal. He was very tired. He went to sleep under a shady tree.

Thuy – Neetu was playing happily in the forest. He jumped about here and there.

(Ss jump!)

Thủy – He saw Sheru’s tail and ran up the tail. Sheru did not wake up. Neetu became a little bold. He wanted to have some fun. He ran up Sheru’s back. Sheru still didn’t get up. Oh, this was great fun!

(Ss show their back!)

Thuy – Neetu became even more bold and danced on Sheru’s head.

(Ss show their head!)

Thoa – Sheru got up with a loud roar. He was very angry. He caught Neetu with his paws.

(T roar!)

Thủy – Neetu was very scared. He said in a small voice, “King Sheru, I am sorry. Please don’t eat me. I was only playing. Please let me go. I shall always be your friend. Maybe one day I can help you.”

Thoa – Sheru laughed. He said, “You are so small. How can you ever help a big lion like me?” Sheru thought, “Anyway this mouse is too small to eat. I am also full. I will let him go.” So Sheru put down Neetu.

Thủy – A few days later, some hunters came to the forest. They spread out nets to catch animals. Sheru was caught in a net. Sheru was very angry. He roared loudly. All the animals heard the lion. Neetu heard Sheru. He said to himself, “My friend is in trouble. He needs my help.”

Neetu saw Sheru caught in the net. He bit the net with his sharp teeth and slowly made a big hole in it. Sheru came out of the net through the hole.

Thoa – “Thank you, little mouse,” said Sheru. “You are so small, but you saved my life.”

Thủy – “It was my turn to help you, King Sheru,” said Neetu.

Thoa – “We will be friends always,” said Sheru.

–        T summarizes content of the story in 7 scenes and call some Ss react some scenes.

–        T give the meaning of the story “story about friendship”

–        Ts ask Ss to retell the story at home.




–        Help Ss to recognize the characters of the story




–        Help Ss to remember the new words about the part their body and use their body language.






























–        Help Ss to remember the story.

–        Ss have an overview about friendship.




One thought on “Telling Story “The Lion and The Mouse”

  1. Thank for your story. You prepared well and your voice is enough to listen.Picture also is nice. However, you should change your voice in some situation. For example, when the hunter comes, the lion shouts loudly. You should raise your voice. In addition, you should add some activities into your lesson. You can ask student to guess what is happening in the next scene or imitate the sound of the lion and mouse. This helps you change atmosphere in the classroom instead of speaking all story. When finishing the story, you can call on student to stand up and remind the main characters of the story. The activities at the end of story are good. Student can take part in the story and play a role in the story will help them remember the story better. Beside, you should put some questions in the middle of story to motivate student to listen and also check their attention. Finally, Let try to give your instructions shorter so that your students understand what you are saying.

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