Chalkboard as teaching aids


We are living in the modern life. There are more and more teaching aids which are used in the classroom such as computer, video, music, toys, chalkboard, poster… using chalkboard is a good way in teaching. We can use chalkboard as visual aids.

Firstly, we can use chalkboard to write the information and give some example which relates the lesson. When students see the topic on the board, it is more memorable than just hearing it. Sometime, the voice of teacher is not audible in some words or sentences. Writing on the board will help students to see better.

Secondly, chalkboard is used to draw. When teacher want to explain or show students some examples which relate to the lesson, teacher can draw them on the board. For example, teacher explains meaning of some words such as tree, house and cat. Teacher draws all of them on the chalkboard and asks students to guess their meaning. Besides, drawing charts, graphs… help students easy to look and study. Teacher can ask students to draw on the board. It is an interesting activity.

Thirdly, teacher can use chalkboard to play game. Games are important factor to make a successful lesson. Only chalkboard, we can organize many interesting games such as who is faster, slap the board, matching game… this is a good way to lead students to the lesson. And help them relax.

Lastly, we can use chalkboard to review the class. Chalkboard is the centre of the class. When teacher write something, all students can see them. Therefore, in classroom management, teacher evaluates their discussion on the board. Students will realize the result of their group and try to do a good job.

Chalkboard is an interesting teaching aid. Using chalkboard is both easy and useful.


3 thoughts on “Chalkboard as teaching aids

  1. As I have seen, there are a lot of advantages of chalkboard like draw, remember, play game and so on in your writing. I agree with you that chalkboard can be a useful tool to to help teacher present the main contents of lesson. any Questions and problems can be listed on the blackboard.Chalkboard also helps the teacher to focus the attention of his students on the lesson. All activities in the class can need to use chalkboard. Therefore,”The chalkboard is dynamic, changeable, sensitive, immediate, and completely in the classroom moment”. he blackboard is one of the oldest teaching aids, but it can still be used in a number of ways. It can be the window to the outside world.

  2. Hi the author,
    After reading your share about the role of chalkboard, I have some comments for you. Firstly, you listed 4 roles of chalkboard and explain carefully about this. However, you should add more roles of chalkboard such as the stage of role-play, the place to hang the pictures, the background to decorate imagines, etc. Moreover, you did not mention to the roles of teachers in the class. In my opinion, the teacherscan be seen as the useful and effective teaching aids in all teaching activity. They are the important factor that can not be ignored. Therefore, you should add more the essensial roles of them in your writing. Thanks for your sharing.

  3. Hello! I am Linh. Thanks for your writing. I read it, so I will give some my ideas.
    The form of your writing is really clear. I also agree with you because you give 4 roles of chalkboard but I think that you should list more. Moreover, you said that “write the information and give some example which relates the lesson” – it is not reader. You have to give some specific example to support your writing.
    You also add your opinion and valuation when you are a teacher to use chalkboard in learning English. Therefore, reader will see effect that they bring to learner.
    However, you did not mention to the roles of teacher that are really very important thing in any class. So your writing does not attract reader.
    Thanks for reading!

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