Using song to teach English for primary students

Song is very important in the life. They are the part of daily life for most people. All people like listening to music every when such as while working and studying. Therefore, teacher can use song to teach English to students at primary school.

There are many types of songs which can be used in the classroom, ranging from nursery rhymes to contemporary pop music. There is also a lot of music written specifically for English language teaching. Students hear and play music every day can be extremely motivating in the classroom.

In teaching there will be a mix of learning style and students may use more than another style. There are eight styles of learning, and most students in his musical category will have a lot of benefit from learning the songs. They are strong in singing picking up sounds, remembering melodies and rhythms and they like to sing, hum, play instruments and listen to music.

We can see that, pop song is very useful for teaching English because of some characteristics. Pop songs often contain common, short words, the language is conversational, time and place are usually imprecise. The lyrics are often sung at slower rate that spoken words and there is repition of words and grammar.

There for teacher should use pop song in teaching English to primary students.

How to use song in teaching English?

There are many way to use song in teaching English for children. The first is using songs to teach grammar. Children’s songs have repetion of structure and grammar. Students will easy to remember them and feel interested in the lesson. The second is using song to teach new words and pronunciation. The next is using song to manage the classroom. When teacher want to change the focus, activities, topic… teacher should asks student to sing a song to create an atmosphere positive classroom and motivate student to study. The last one is using song to give the exercises. For example, teacher asks student to listen to the song and fill in the blank or chose the picture. It can improve listening skill for children.

Music is being the source of motivation interest and enjoyment. It is much easier for children ti imitate and remember language very effective in children’s language class. Using to teach English for children is the good way.


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