Using story in teaching English to primary students

All children like listening to stories. Therefore teacher should use them to teach English for children. Storytelling has many beneficial effects.

The first is that storytelling can be engaging and motivating. Children love picture story book and driven by the need to understand and live with the complexity of daily experiences. Children enjoy stories and are keen to find out what happens, which give them the meaningful reason for listening. Therefore, teacher should use more colorful pictures to teach students and ask them to guess “what is the next happen” in the situations of the story. It makes students to be interested in the lesson.

The second is that storytelling gives children a meaningful context where they can work out the meaning conveyed by the words. Through the previous experience of story, teacher has to prepare the visuals and action used in telling the story.

The next is storytelling will help students to develop comprehension skill. Teacher have to use pictures, objects or their actions make students to guess meaning of the words, structures, grammar and guess what is the next happen of each situation in the story. It makes students think and like the lesson. They will easy to understand the story.

The next one is that storytelling exposes the children to language which will enrich their thinking. Based on the instruction of teacher, students will remember the English word order, have more new words and can use some structures from the story. Teacher should repeat the new structures in the story and explains for children, asks them practice with these structures.

The last one is that storytelling can be for various classroom activities. Giving some activities while telling the story is the interesting method to teach students and create atmosphere for the class. There are many activities which are used by storytelling such as drama, game, quizzes, drawing… for example: after telling the story, teacher should organize a drama about the story. Teacher calls on some students to act as the characters and play the drama. Teacher can prepare some things for drama such as clothes, objects. It makes students to want to participate in the drama.

In conclusion, storytelling has many benefits. Teacher should use it in teaching English to primary students with others activities to make students like learning English.

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