English 3 – Unit 10: Our break time – lesson 2 – period 2

Our video is used for teaching English 3 – Unit 10, lesson 2, period 2

In our lesson, the teacher combines a lot of methods and teachniques to teach for children such as: using songs, chant and game.

She also use visual aids to teach: pictures, real object and handouts.

Our group includes 3 people.

Duong Thi Lien

Tran Thi Thu Hoai

Hoang Thi Hau

In process we carry out this video, there are some mistakes. However,  we hope that our video will  helps children learn English effecively.

Lesson plan: G3-U11-L2

Link video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RT6IHlfX8Eg


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