The role of teacher and chalkboard.

Teacher aids can refer to the tools and techniques which are used by teacher to achieve the aim of lesson. There are many kind of teacher aids like poster, graphs, chalk board, radio and soon have applied for each lesson. However, chalkboard, and the presentation of teacher have been considered the most important  devices in the lesson. What can teacher and chalkboard do?


Teacher has an important role in instructing and organizing activities in class. They are said to be an artist on the stage. Sometimes, their feeling can be happy or bored when standing in front of student, but they must hide it and go on teaching children with a happy smiling. Actually, they play many different roles such as an instructor, a psychologist, a director, an actor or an actress  and a learner on the platform.


Instructor: With the roles of an instructor, teacher must orient student to how to give strategies to complete the task easily. Teacher always gives a good method to allow student to achieve their target.

Psychologist:  Each child has their own characteristics. Some student can like a gentle teacher, but some want to work with a strong teacher. They both enjoy sharing their emotion and want to listen to teacher’s idea for any problems. Thus, teacher was known as best friends to share emotion and film fulcrum to keep belief. For example, when crying, kids hope that they will get a consolation from teacher. This requires teacher to know and understand what students want so that they can approach student more simply.

 Director: On behalf of director, teacher seems to be a chief in the class. All activities and student’s behavior are controlled by teacher. They use rules as a way to manage student.

Actor or actress: To help student gain knowledge, teacher becomes a main character on the platform. Teacher can play roles like model, singer, drawer and dancer. Teacher can sing, dance, perform or use body language to motivate student to learn and contribute an active atmosphere in the class.

Learner: Children are capable of discovering new things or problems around class. They can ask teacher to answer any questions that they don’t understand as well as already protect their idea for any situations. This is the ability to make teacher feel puzzled. Therefore, teacher always care about what student say and do. They must learn how to accept instead of refusing student’s idea. Obviously, teacher’s task isn’t simple. However, we can understand what teacher passed over and tried after each lesson.


Speaking of chalkboard, we consider it as a traditional tool to help teacher present contents of lesson. Some most important functions that chalkboard can do are a picture and a reporter

images (1)   Picture: Chalkboard is a good place to help teacher draw and store the image and        knowledge of lesson. During the progress of teaching, all contents of the lesson    consisting of information and the other teacher aids like poster, graph used in studying    are reappeared on the blackboard. Student can be easy to follow and take note  important information.

  Reporter: In our daisy life, we can’t avoid making mistake in expressing our point.    Student can’t also hear any information from teacher because of noisy and teacher’s  voice. After explaining, teacher can write down on the board so that student follow and pay attention to the lesson. Teacher can thank blackboard to solve difficult situations in using language. For instance, when teaching vocabulary for children, if they can’t write and listen to all new words, it will be better to write all vocabularies on the board. This way can permit student to eliminate mistakes in spelling. Generally, teacher can draw, write or express again what teacher says on the blackboard. Virtually, no matter how there are of modern technologies have been produced, they can’t replace chalkboard

To sum up, teacher aids like chalkboard are the ability to make teacher’s instruction meaningful for students. Teacher can also create successful lessons through the helping of visual aids providing emphasis in a different way than speaking. Obviously, teacher’s endeavor  along with chalkboard’s helping aim at providing the good background of knowledge for student after each lesson.


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