Blackboard-useful tool

Blackboard-useful tool

For teacher, using teaching aids is quite important to spread information to students. You know, just talking doesn’t bring good results and that can make learners feel boring, sleepy. No one teach by just talking because it’s very difficult to understand and follow. Except using text book and talking, connecting many different teaching channels is a good way to help students easy imagine what teachers say. Blackboard is a useful tool helps teachers teach effectively. This is a visual channel plus listening channel surely bring better results of learners. They can see, listen, write, practice about a lesson and it is the easy way to remember knowledge. Every class has a blackboard and it‘s a simple tool teachers may use to write on, hang picture, or ask students to do exercise on. You know, there are 7 kinds of multiple intelligence and you know how to improve it. Some learners are good at in visual special while others like listening channel and the task of teachers is to mix some teaching ways to promote students’ intelligence.

I think there is some notice to using effectively blackboard. It should be divided into 3 parts, left part, middle and right part. The name of a lesson will be written on the middle highest of the blackboard and an important thing here is handwriting, it must be clear, big, beautiful especially to primary pupils. In the left part, teachers write new words, task1,2, formula,…as long as it’s important and a part students must be taken note in their books. The middle part is place to hang picture, handout and the right part is written notes, example. Both middle and left parts are place to students do exercise on. Teachers should arrange backboard logically to the end of the lesson, they do not need to delete blackboard but it still has a blank to write homework and summarize the lesson. One more time, blackboard is a simple but useful tool for teachers to convey information.



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