Some applications from brain based research

Some applications from brain based research.

There are many positive applications on the development of primary pupils from brain base researches. Based on these results, people can construct a consonant program on each subject such as primary students, high students…to help them improve their brain on the best way. According to the research, brain connections are laid down before birth so that taking care of pregnant women is very important to supply full nutrition for baby’s brain. Moreover, when baby grows, parents not only care about baby’s menu but also teach them simple thing. Teaching  baby to interact with the environment can help them get own experience about the life. As you know, nutrition plays an important role in the process of brain development to aid healthy brain &experience and interaction with the environment are important too. It’s very funny to talk to baby and that can help them found listening skill although they may not understand what parents say. It’s so amazing that I have 2 little cousins live in Moscow (they are 6 & 4 years old), they can speak both Vietnamese and Russian. For that, children can improve learning language not only mother tongue but also foreign language if parents usually talk to them.

According to brain based researches, intelligence of baby does not absolutely depend on their parents’ genes, it promotes on the education and experience. There are 7 kinds of multiple intelligence parents/teachers can base on to make specific train matched age to get the best brain development (from Thomas research). To check what kinds of intelligence of baby, parents can use Thomas’s test, basing on a result to have consonant teaching program for each kinds. Some babies are good at math/logic while others interest in musical or interpersonal… that can help parents teach baby at home and teachers teach them at school adjust consonantly on each subject. Moreover, they can connect to some kinds of intelligence in one program to help baby develop comprehensively.



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