Teacher in class

Teacher in class

A good lesson plan need a good teacher too, I means how teacher convey information to students effectively. Using teaching aids in class is a creative way to spread knowledge one of them is teacher. With textbook, blackboard, he/she is also a visual aids in class and she is almighty.

It’s said that “no guide, no realization”, and it’s true in this situation, teacher is a guide. He is not only teaches students knowledge in textbook but also guide them do exercise, he corrects when learners make mistake and gives advice if necessary. He makes difficult task in book becomes more easy.

Moreover, teacher is a model, he uses body language, gestures to explain new concept, knowledge. This way is so funny and easy to remember for students. Teacher always has eye-contact to learners, and you know, when you are jaunty, keeps smile on your face will attract your learners more than no smile, strict voice.

In addition, teacher is a singer and actor. When teacher wants teach a song, he obviously sings this song before using speaker, he teaches rhythm, lyrics and sings with students. Or when he tells a story, he becomes storyteller, he uses body language to explain new words or action of characters and finally he acts as characters in the story to help learners remember easier.

Furthermore, teacher is a manager. He controls all students in class, keeps everyone learning and that is not easy. There are many students in a class and how to keep silence and focus on a lesson is what teacher needs to do. Maybe he has to solve some arising problem such as sick student, naughty boys and an important thing is that teacher owns the class, prevents being bullied by students.







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