Using song in E class

“Music is the universal language of mankind”.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Like stories, music can be seen as an effective material for teachers to using in English class. There are many choices for teacher when using music in the classroom. For examples, when teacher feel that their students get tired of learning or lose concentration in studying, teacher can use a song as a temporary solution. Certainly, it makes students feel good and can continue with their lesson. After that, music gradually becomes an indispensible thing for teaching language. And, using music in the classroom is a great way for teachers to achieve success with L2 learners.

Some benefits of using Music

Before giving some techniques for using music, I’d like to point out some benefits of using music in E class. Studies have shown that music…

  • motivates student learning
  • help improves memory
  • hepl student feel comfortable and relaxing
  • makes learning fun
  • helps student understand material quickly

Techniques for Using Music with L2 Learners

There are a variety of different ways to using music in the classroom. Some teachers prefer to use a song to lead in the lesson and others use music lyrics to teach something such as vocabulary, grammar,…. So, music can be used in some cases:

  •  introduce a new lesson
  • break the ice 
  • change the mood of students
  • teach vocabulary
  • revised the lesson
  • teach pronunciation and grammar
  • teach songs about difficult grammar and spelling rules that need to be memorized
  • teach reading comprehension
  • creat a class discussion

Some tips when using music in English class

Using music with ESL kids has is a good way to teach E effectively. Children are natural music lovers. You don’t need to convince them that it will help them learn. If you can sing in front of the class to teach a song, it sounds very wonderful. In case, you don’t feel comfortable with singing, you can use a tape or CD player instead. But you should remember that you need to choose a simple and funny song to teach young learners. Another one, you are expected to remain teaching through songs with kids and ask them learn by heart to sing in front of class. This activity is very important because it not only encourages student express their talent but also helps them feel comfortable with public. Student will more confident and like learning English through songs which they love.

To sum up, using music in the English lesson is a good way to teach language effectively. I hope that we will have a chance to try using it in the class. And then, we will learn to how to use music effectively in ESL.



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