brain-based learning research

Brain-based research and education for children

Brain-based research is very important with education. It helps educators have suitable goals to provide children the best education environment where they can develop completely. So how should it be and how do they connect together? It will be followed in my brief way.
The first one is that we should create for children a conductive environment to learn well. Learning environment is very important with children. It enhances students to the lesson and that make them remember more easily and longer. Adults, who have the ability of controlling our emotions, but sometimes we still feel bored of what we have to do. We feel like there was no energy, no inspiration for anything. That why we should help children to be in the mood of learning. To do that, teachers have to create the “safe climate” for students. Because if they feel scared or nervous, their brains will detect them of launching their source of information, both input and output. We can not control definitely their emotions, but we can help them to be calm and good at manage their emotions. By making up a friendly and comfortable environment in the classroom goes along with the enthusiastic help of teachers and parents, we can be successful.
The second one I want to share is learning through doing activities and real experiences. Some recent researches showed that the physical activities can raise the power for the children’s brain. When people exercise, their hearts will be effected. It leads to increase the oxygen in blood flowing to the brain, which makes the students be more concentrated. Moreover, children are very interested in discovering themselves and the world around them. Therefore, we should have the activities that give them the opportunities to feel the world by their own hands, eyes, ears,.etc. It also help them remember the knowledge faster and retain it longer. It is essential to let children to access with many visual aids and media as well as the real visit to the nature. They will be interacted with objects and others people, which can increase their ability of communication.
In conclusion, the learning of a children has the close relationship with their brain developing. By understanding clearly the characteristics of their brain, we can equip for children the best with the suitable techniques and strategies which best help them develop naturally and easily.
There were many fields in brain-based learning research we have to be aware of. It’s just a small part from my point of view. I hope to have more your ideas and comments. Thanks!


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