What I get from this subject

What I get from this subject

After learning this subject, I found that some differences between teaching language to young learner and adult. The differences of psychology and age lead to different teaching methods.

Teaching language to primary pupils needs to funny, colorful, attractive lesson and how teacher attract attention of naughty students.

I practice my voice to become slower, clearer especially notice on intonation (raise up or get down consonantly).

I practice to sing songs although my voice is bad and know some of songs for children.

I try to draw though I don’t have this talent. I love own pictures more than which I copy from internet so that I can teach pupil to draw.

I keep calm down when explain something they don’t understand.

I’m always in joy and keep smile on my face that make students feel be friendly.

And I feel love children more than before (before that I don’t like baby anything) and wanna teach them in future.

I feel be funny before, in, and after lesson like I’m so young.


Teaching language to young learner has many things I have to notice: attractive lesson plans, voice, body language, gestures, postures, teaching aids, manager class…everything needs to be prepared, practiced before teaching students to get objects of lesson.


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