Video clips on how to teach songs

View tips on how to teach songs by songwriter and teacher trainer Devon Thagard

The benefits of teaching with songs

The “stickiness” of songs

Using songs with mixed-ability students

Creating a welcoming atmosphere with songs

Signaling classroom transitions with songs

Balancing energy levels with songs

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The Let’s Go authors share ideas and tips

The Let’s Go authors love to share ideas and tips on teaching young learners. Watch their videos to find out more

Using puppets to get children talking in English

Using technology in the young learner classroom

A digital writing activity for young learners

Creating a digital picture book with young learners

Using puppets and flashcards to get children talking in English

Using name chants in the young learner classroom

Creating your own vocabulary chants for the English classroom

Introducing new vocabulary to young learners

Introducing question forms to young learners

Getting the best from a large young learner class

Teaching reading in every class