Implication of Multiple Intelligences Test in Primary English Language Teaching

After learning English Teaching for High school and Primary English Language Teaching subjects, I can know clearly about the concept of Multiple Intelligences (MIs) and get some methods for teaching students in the future.
As we can see that the brain is the important part which is indispensable in the process of human life. When we are born, the brain is fully developed, just like one’s heart or stomach. The human brain is divied into two parts which called the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. It was previously thought that the right brain and the left brain develop with the same principles, but it is not so. In fact, the right brain and the left brain have different functions because we have ways to process information differently. The left brain process information throght the language and the right brain thought images. Moreover, when you are born, the brain’s development depends on the genes and a toddler’s brain is less active than the brain of a college student. Therefore, the first three years of life the left brain is not working well and the right is dominant. The children need special help and specific educational to develop their brainpower. So education, family, environment and language are important factor which helps to develop for children. It is really good if the children have loving care and new experiences that helps them in learning and entertainment. Experiences the brain can impact directly learning to involve feelings or emotions. Furthermore, multiple intelligences test consist of linguistic, musical, mathematic logical, bodiling, visual spacial, intrapersonal and interpersmal which expresses some characteristic of the children a good way. The children realize that they will have ability about anything and then they can develop them better. The choosen will be suitable if the children understand it exactly and they can learn what they want more easily. However, the children often learn mainly through imitation so multiple intelligences test can be difficult method to know ability of the children.
To sum up, MIs is the good way for teacher to decide what ways teacher should use in teaching English in primary school. The teacher also should use some effetive method such as games, songs,…in class to create interest child’s learning.