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Unit 13: My House
Lesson 1
Lesson plan: unit 13-E3-lesson 1



I am preparing a lesson plan, but i find its not easy as i think. The knowledge may be simple, but the way to organize is quire difficult. When i taught Grade 6,7 i thought its so so, and i did quite good…. but now, just teaching students how to say ” hello”, introduce themselves like “i’m Bich”……. they are students that never know English before, so for them English is brand-new. im trying, but i can not image how they think about it. my brain becomes empty, i mean there is nothing in my mind. i fought some songs, some games, some materials, but it was boring….

Well, everything is theory… practicing is much more difficult. Anyway, i will try!^^

Teaching lesson : Not too little to help (story)

+ Before reading

– Ask students what have they helped another? How did they feel after that?

– Explain that they are going to listen to a story about a little animal which is very kind, very lovely.

– Show students the book cover and ask what they can see. Elicit the name of animal in story.

– Reinforce key vocabulary by giving students pictures to guess and writing them on the board.

– Ask student to mime animals in the story (mouse, lion).

+ While reading

– Refer to pictures in book.

– Ask students to predict next plot.

– Use verbal language and non-verbal language ( gestures, facial expression, body postures,…) to make story more interesting.

– Explain new words.

– Instruct student how to read hard words.

+ After reading

– Ask students to describe animals and plot in the story.

– Ask students to play roles story characters.

– Ask students what is significance of the story.