Visual Literacy in the Young Learner Classroom

Joan Shin, co-author of the primary series ‘Our World’ discusses how we can teach our young learner vital visual literacy skills in the ELT classroom


The role of teacher and chalkboard.

Teacher aids can refer to the tools and techniques which are used by teacher to achieve the aim of lesson. There are many kind of teacher aids like poster, graphs, chalk board, radio and soon have applied for each lesson. However, chalkboard, and the presentation of teacher have been considered the most important  devices in the lesson. What can teacher and chalkboard do?


Teacher has an important role in instructing and organizing activities in class. They are said to be an artist on the stage. Sometimes, their feeling can be happy or bored when standing in front of student, but they must hide it and go on teaching children with a happy smiling. Actually, they play many different roles such as an instructor, a psychologist, a director, an actor or an actress  and a learner on the platform.


Instructor: With the roles of an instructor, teacher must orient student to how to give strategies to complete the task easily. Teacher always gives a good method to allow student to achieve their target.

Psychologist:  Each child has their own characteristics. Some student can like a gentle teacher, but some want to work with a strong teacher. They both enjoy sharing their emotion and want to listen to teacher’s idea for any problems. Thus, teacher was known as best friends to share emotion and film fulcrum to keep belief. For example, when crying, kids hope that they will get a consolation from teacher. This requires teacher to know and understand what students want so that they can approach student more simply.

 Director: On behalf of director, teacher seems to be a chief in the class. All activities and student’s behavior are controlled by teacher. They use rules as a way to manage student.

Actor or actress: To help student gain knowledge, teacher becomes a main character on the platform. Teacher can play roles like model, singer, drawer and dancer. Teacher can sing, dance, perform or use body language to motivate student to learn and contribute an active atmosphere in the class.

Learner: Children are capable of discovering new things or problems around class. They can ask teacher to answer any questions that they don’t understand as well as already protect their idea for any situations. This is the ability to make teacher feel puzzled. Therefore, teacher always care about what student say and do. They must learn how to accept instead of refusing student’s idea. Obviously, teacher’s task isn’t simple. However, we can understand what teacher passed over and tried after each lesson.


Speaking of chalkboard, we consider it as a traditional tool to help teacher present contents of lesson. Some most important functions that chalkboard can do are a picture and a reporter

images (1)   Picture: Chalkboard is a good place to help teacher draw and store the image and        knowledge of lesson. During the progress of teaching, all contents of the lesson    consisting of information and the other teacher aids like poster, graph used in studying    are reappeared on the blackboard. Student can be easy to follow and take note  important information.

  Reporter: In our daisy life, we can’t avoid making mistake in expressing our point.    Student can’t also hear any information from teacher because of noisy and teacher’s  voice. After explaining, teacher can write down on the board so that student follow and pay attention to the lesson. Teacher can thank blackboard to solve difficult situations in using language. For instance, when teaching vocabulary for children, if they can’t write and listen to all new words, it will be better to write all vocabularies on the board. This way can permit student to eliminate mistakes in spelling. Generally, teacher can draw, write or express again what teacher says on the blackboard. Virtually, no matter how there are of modern technologies have been produced, they can’t replace chalkboard

To sum up, teacher aids like chalkboard are the ability to make teacher’s instruction meaningful for students. Teacher can also create successful lessons through the helping of visual aids providing emphasis in a different way than speaking. Obviously, teacher’s endeavor  along with chalkboard’s helping aim at providing the good background of knowledge for student after each lesson.

Chalkboard & Teacher – The available teaching aids

Teaching, learning and teaching aids have the close relationship with each others. Teaching aids are considered as the best tools in teaching and learning. How successful that teaching aids bring to a lesson. It is very great. Teaching aids, certainly, are various. In this writing, I would like to discuss some ideas of using chalkboard and teacher as the teaching aids.

Firstly, teacher is an available teaching aid. He or she can take on many different roles in teaching to support for the lesson. In other word, the teacher can be:

+ A model: A teacher, of course,  is always the person who gives an instruction or explanation to students. It is very important to have an explicit instruction so that your kids can catch your points. Let do first and keep it short and simple.

+ A “real object” or an example: When he teaches his pupils or students the lesson of parts of body, he will be the greatest “real object” to show his pupils what, where and which his nose is or his eyes are, for example. That means he looks like a big doll which is able to speak.  This way is more direct,  visible and easy for pupils to understand.

+ An actor or actress: Little pupils always love something new and exciting, so to make the lesson more interesting, the teacher can act following the activities of the characters in the story and let them do after that. They will be very interested in this.

Secondly, chalkboard is the best tool in teaching. It can be used as the tool and place:

+ To write: The name or title of the lesson is always written on the board. In addition, the task and the answers of the pupils are also presented here.

+ To draw: It is so simple to draw a picture with a piece of chalk on the board. Why don’t we use these available objects?

+ To show posters: Teachers can hang or stick pictures or posters on the board to help students image easily.

To conclusion, teacher and chalkboard are useful and effective visual aids. Therefore, the teacher should discover more and more new ways of using visual aids to have a good lesson.

Teacher and chalkboard as teaching aids


Nowadays, there are many modern  teaching aids to help the teacher in teaching, esspecially in teaching language such as computer, flash cards, cassetts.  However, we also have two avalable things in the class, which have not received much concerning, that are the teacher and the chalkboard.

Firstly, how to use teacher as teaching aid?

In the classroom, teachers are not central, but they play an important role because they are the guiders, the instructors to help students to practice steply and get the best archivement in learning. A teacher in primary school is a ‘superman’ because he/she has to do everything. They sometimes have to be a singer, a dancer , a model, a narrator, a presentor, an actor, or a painter, and many other roles. I’d like to focus on 3 prominent roles, that are teacher as a model, a dictionary, and a real object.

To primary student, the learning a language is mainly imitating rather than understanding all the rules. Therefore, the teacher have to be a good model to teaching well especially in teaching pronunciation. It’s teachers who help student pronoun all the words and correct their mistakes. To help students get the lesson easily and understand it, teachers ussually have to use their body language to illustrate the ideas.

Moreover, a teacher should be a dictionary, even aencyclopaedia because students will ask and ask all the time and all the problems that they get in the class. Teachers should prepare themselves to be asked and answer properly.

Besides, teachers are real objects. They use their body as an object at any times because it’s avalable one. In particular, our body is very useful on teaching vocabulary about body parts, clothes, etc.

Secondly, chalkboard is also an useful teaching aid. The classroom was designed to always have a chalkboard in front of the students. The chalkboard is the most popular teaching aid which seem to be avalable every classroom. However, we are forgeting and reducing the using it in teaching because it seem to be very monotonic. Therefore, using it effectively is making it to be centre by ‘decorating’ it with knowledge of the lesson. It means that we will display all the lesson on the board in the intersting way. We often use the chalkboard to write the topic and the main ideas to help students to focus on and take notes, it’s useful for students’ learing at home and learing for their exam. However, we can make it more magnificent by using colorful chalks to highlight the main points or painting something in. We can also use it to show everything by sticking them on the board such as pictures, cards, charts, maps, and students will be easy to folow.

To sum up, teachers and chalkboard are two important teaching aids in teaching language. How to use chalkboard and ourselves effectively depending on us and our knowledge about them. I hope that my writing give you some helps. Thanks for reading!

Teacher and blackboard for study

Teaching aids play an important role in studying. There are many teaching aids that the teacher uses in the classroom, but two main teaching aids are the teacher and blackboard. Howerver there is someone who doesn’t know how to use herself/ himself and blackboard as useful teaching aids.To use it to bring the most effective, the teacher need to have special techniques for example:

For teacher as a teaching aid, the teacher is the most important one in teaching knowledge for students, so during the lesson she/ he should have techniques to make his/ her lesson more effectively. Teacher’s voice shouldn’t be too loud or too small. The teacher should assure that the student can hear what she/ he are saying , sometimes he/ she had better go around the classroom so that the students can listen clearly, Besides this, the teacher should use a variety of facial expressions when expressing something. It depends on the circumstances of the lesson. Morever the teacher should use various guestures: arms and hands are very important. They can be used to describe action of teacher to help students understand according to the period of the lesson.              Another point is that the teacher should speak every time in the lesion, which makes students not to have time to chat with their friends. In addition to, the teacher have to work as a singer, artist and actor for example for teaching english, the teacher sometimes can use english songs to teach english for students, or she/ he should draw real objects to help them learn effectively, or sometimes the teacher should play the drama to help them understand the lesson clearly. Morever the eyes contact of teacher should be in friendly way, Which makes students love the teacher and have the enjoyment the lesson. Besides this, the teacher should use flexible body language. There is something that can’t express by verbal communication, teacher should use  his/ her body language to show his/ her ideals

Other useful teaching aid is blackboard. Besides the teacher, the blackboard is the second necessary tool in whatever class. The teacher can write something on it when teaching the lesson, So to use it the most effective the teacher should also have techneques for instance: when the teacher writes something on the board ,she/ he shouldn’t  cover what he/ she is writing. She should stand one side and go back to the class, which helps the teacher can oberve the class

Besides this, the teacher should devides the blackboard into 3 parts: the teacher should write important information in  the first two part. The other is to write the examples to help students to understand the lesson. Morever the teacher should write in straight line, which will help students observe clearly to write down the lesson on notebook easily. it also helps students to more concentrate

On the lesson effectively

To sum up, Teacher herself/ himself and blackboard are the most two important  teaching aids in teaching, so The teacher should maximine the effecience of herselve/ himself  and the blackboard  to teach students


Teaching aids

Nowadays, almost schools use the modern teaching aids. Teachers are encouraged to use them in teaching to make lessons become more interesting and informative. However, the old teaching aid – chalkboard is still used frequently because of several its benefits. Especially, teacher is also considered as a useful teaching aid.


First of all, chalkboard is an effective teaching aid to help teachers to deliver lectures. The teaching style of a teacher is how to this teacher give knowledge to students. And student’s attention depended on teacher’s teaching speed – fast or slow. If teachers have a stable teaching style, they will have a good way in reaching students. It is easier for teachers to take control of lessons’ speed by writing information on the chalkboard. So, students will have enough time to understand new knowledge and take notes.

Secondly, using chalkboard can help teachers to manage classroom. Students will be more serious and pay attention to their study when they are overseen by teachers. To maintain a productive learning environment, teachers have to aware the behavior and attitude of students. If student makes the noise in classroom, the teacher can call him or her to go to the board to write answers.

Thirdly, student can learn how to take notes information. Teacher’s writing on the board help students to know the way to take notes. Students do not write full sentences but write phrases.

Fourthly, the blackboard is always available to a teacher. The board is a fixed teaching aid in classroom, so teacher can use it anytime.

Finally, chalkboard can used as a large image. Sometimes, teaching English vocabulary need a lot of images to enhance a lesson. A teacher can draw anything quickly on the board to illustrate their explanation.


Teachers may have many roles in classroom:
1. A Singer: Do not need to use laptop and speaker. A teacher can sing songs to teach English for children.

2. An Artist: Instead of preparing the colorful pictures, a teacher can create a simple drawing with a piece of chalk.

3. An Actor: A teacher can use body language to help students understand lesson.

4.  A storyteller: A teacher can tell a story to make lesson interesting.

5. A dictionary: Students can ask teachers meanings of new words.

Teacher and blackboard as a teaching aids in teaching English

In classroom, besides teacher and student, to have a good lesson, we have to help of teaching aids. It is  really amazing tool to help enhance students learning Nowadays, with a high technology, students  can have a active lesson. However, chalk board and teacher  may be useful and convenient tool  for using  to teach English for children

Black board is also main tool in teaching. Board is where teacher give information of lesson. Chalkboard is a screen that students can see pictures and play games such as guessing words, slap the board, hang man, .. A chalkboard can be a stage ,It can be used to perform dancing and singing. The visual communication of the chalkboard directs attention of the class to the purposes of the lecture or discussion. Through chalkboard, the students can improve or develop their thinking ability and visualize their own ideas.

Furthermore, teacher have important role in teaching aid

Teacher is seen as teaching aids in some following ways:
A real object: When teacher teaches vocabulary about the topic “body”, they can use their body to illustrate for their students. Students will study faster and better when they see the real objects.
A model: Teacher always does first as an example and then students will do follow. It’s really a best way for teacher to give instructions.
A composer: To attract students to the lesson, sometimes, teacher can design a new song or chant to teach to them. It’s also a good way to make student to remember new words from song and chant.
An artist: Teacher can draw pictures on the board to help student understand and imagine easily. They can draw the face on the board and use arrow to illustrate some part of “the face”.
• A singer: Let’s imagine that you must teach your students a new song but you have no electricity, no audio and no video. Of course, you must be a singer in this situation.
Teacher is a narrator : Teacher can tell story for student to improve lesson and all skill for student

A role – player: Sometimes, the teacher also join some activities with students, they can play and act as a character in the story of drama. For examples, he or she can play as a bear, a monkey….
An instructor: Teacher gives students knowledge and requests students what they should do and how to do the task and student will follow step by step.
• A manager: The teacher must manage the whole class in some activities (when they play a game, sing a song, work in group).
• An observer: Teacher also observes the class to ensure students focus on the lesson.
Teacher as a friend: To have a successful lesson, teacher needs to be friendly with her or his students. This connection will make a convenient environment for Ss to get the knowledge.
Teacher is a MC: Teacher should make interesting lesson by organizing game shows. Teacher will control the game show in natural way from the beginning to the end. They have to be enthusiastic, dynamic and humor to attract students.

Using chalkboard and teacher as teaching aids

Teaching aids are useful means of teaching and learning. There are many kinds of teaching aids; however, chalkboard and teacher are very important. Using chalkboard and teacher as teaching aids in classroom helps students to learn more effectively.

Firstly, teacher is very active, intelligent and flexible so he makes the lesson interesting. He can play many roles in the classroom.

+ Teacher is an instructor: he gives the explanation to students when they feel difficult to understand something. He instructs students to do activities in lesson.

+ Teacher is a model: He describes activities by acting them by himself; therefore students can be easy to follow.

+ Teacher is a director: After telling stories, he organizes and manages students to finish a play in which students are actors and actresses.

+ Teacher is a player: He can take part in some activities with children in classroom. This helps children to have motivation to play or perform action. Besides, it is easy for children to understand the teacher’s instruction.

+ Teacher is a manager: He manages all activities in class by setting up rules. If he manages well, he will create a positive learning environment.

+ Teacher is a singer: He sings and instructs students how to sing a song. After that he helps them to learn English through songs.

+ Teacher is a real object: He can do some actions or point out parts of his body to teach new words.

+ Teacher is a artist: He draws some objects, some pictures to teach vocabulary for students or explain situation, etc…

+ Teacher is a MC: He controls games show, talk show or competitions in class.

+ Teacher is a dancer: He dances when teaching songs to make them more interesting.

+ Teacher is a narrator: He tells stories or narrates some events to students.

Secondly, chalkboard is an available and popular object in classroom.

+ Teacher can write down main content of the lesson on the board. Then, students take note to learn easily.

+ Teacher can draw pictures on the board. Drawing pictures is a good way to explain new words and introduce characters in stories.

+ Teacher can use chalkboard in organizing games such as guessing words, crossword, slapping board,…

+ Teacher or students can use board as a screen that they can show pictures, key points of the lesson.

In conclusion, teaching aids are very useful in teaching and learning English as well as other subjects. Being a teacher, you can choose and combine some tools to make your lesson effective. Especially, using chalkboard and your own ability as much as possible.