Hội thảo trực tuyến YLTSIG: ’30 Pearls of YLT Wisdom’

Nhóm quan tâm đặc biệt về dạy-học tiếng Anh cho thanh thiếu niên & nhi đồng (YLT-SIG) của hiệp hội toàn cầu về giảng dạy tiếng Anh (IATEFL) sắp tới tổ chức hội thảo trực tuyến nhân dịp kỷ niệm 30 năm ngày thành lập và cho ra mắt bản tin SIG’s Pearl Jubilee. Thời gian hội thảo diễn ra từ 24 đến 26 tháng 02 năm 2017. Tham gia hội thảo lần này gồm 30 diễn giả, mỗi diễn giả sẽ trình bày trong 30 phút về các khía cạnh khác nhau liên quan tới hoạt động dạy-học tiếng Anh cho thanh thiếu niên & nhi đồng.  Tham gia miễn phí tại địa chỉ sau: http://iatefl.adobeconnect.com/yltsigwebinars

Thông tin chi tiết tại: http://yltsig.iatefl.org/events


Brain-Based Vocabulary Teaching Strategies

This is a very interesting training session recorded and shared on ELT Ireland Youtube channel. The presenter talked a the way that is very fascinating and brain-friendly. That means, she practices what she preaches. She gave a quick overview of how brain works, then showed the participants how to use the connection for better memorization of vocabulary. She provided two activities to demonstrate the differences between learning separate words and learning them in connection. Very interesting to watch.

Bio-notes about the presenter:

Setenay is from Turkey and she has been teaching English for 8 years including 4 years of teaching when she was a university student. She holds a Masters Degree in English Language Teaching from Gazi University in Ankara, Turkey. Her particular areas of interest are teaching English to young learners and creating new, useful classroom materials and activities.

Professional Development in the Very Young Learner Classroom

In this series of videos, you are going to learn about different ideas and techniques for teaching English to young learner. Dr. Joan Kang Shin, also well-known as a professor of practice, is the series Editor for a 6-level primary English series for National Geographic Learning called Our World. These following videos are part of her professional development video series for Our World. You may want to connect and learn more with Dr. Joan Kang Shin via her google site at https://sites.google.com/site/shinjinshil 

The Steps of a Lesson

Tips for Managing the Young Learner Classroom

Playing Picture Card Games with Very Young Learners

Supportive and Scaffolded Lessons

Using Puppets with Very Young Learners

Using Movement Games with Very Young Learners

Using Hands-On Games with Very Young Learners

Keeping the Attention of Very Young Learners

Adapting Songs to Different Cultures

Using Songs with Very Young Learners

Best Practices for Teaching English to Young Learners

Using Video and Technology in the Young Learner Classroom

Empowering Young Learners with Real-World Content

Using Songs and Chants in the Young Learner Classroom

Tips for Managing the Young Learner Classroom

Source of these videos: National Geographic Learning: Young Learners