Brain-based & Multiple intelligent

According to the brain based learning, the first 3 years of life are the most critical for brain development. Learning or activities that help the child initial perceive the life in this time will be the effective way of the learning in the future.

To develop the children’s brain power, it is necessary to create learning environment for them. Environment will provide them many experiences through the action of life, feeling or emotion. To English, the teacher also needs to create motivation for them through multisensory. Therefore, if children use their different senses when they are learning something, they are more likely to remember it later. For example, to teach the new word “pencil”, the teacher can use a real pencil to illustrate instead of explaining by some words. The children can see or touch this pencil, this way will help them remember effectively.

English teaching and learning activities for children should simple and easy to understand with real situation in life and funny environment. Singing, playing game, dancing, etc are the essential activities to encourage the learning process of the children. Also, it is important to put the children in communicate environment where children can practice and speaking English. Both learning and doing or both doing and speaking are very necessary. For example, when teach the question “what are you going?” or “where is he/she going?”, teacher will stick some pictures of places in the wall. The teacher call and ask student A to go to a place. Another student will be called next and answer the question “ where is A going?” In another situation, a student will take a real pen and a real ruler and say “ I have a pen and a ruler”.

Teacher have always known that their student have different strengths and weakness.  It can be strong in math intelligence and weak in naturalistic, another is strong in linguistic or musical. Of course, some can learn equally well either way. Teacher acknowledges that children bring with them specific and unique  strengths which are often recognized as multiple intelligences. Determining the abilities of each students and the teacher have suitable English learning activities.  For example, a child with musical intelligence will learn music quickly, so they will learn English easily and faster by an English song. However, the teacher should not use activities only based on their strengths or weakness, it will effect on the balanced development of the child.

By Cam Anh


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3 thoughts on “Brain-based & Multiple intelligent

  1. firstly , i want to thank for your writing i can gain more information and full of my space of knowledge :). i think that your ideas are quite same to me. i like this :P. According to you , teachers or parents should spend a suitable environment helping chidren can learn and play naturally and they will get knowlledge dirrectly. i think it is a good idea . moreover, using teaching method by real object or picture is a good way to children learn language .but do you think it is easy to prepare real object in each lesson ? i think it spend a lot of time , teacher need have an enthusiasm and try their best :v. so i think depending on some situation teachers can use flexibilitily and correctly and i’m sure it is still a effective lesson . uh huh .. let me see, your final idea is great , i think i totally agree with you, and i think you can apply this in each lesson, it is a wonderful because it focus on the learners ( what are they good at or bad at ?) , and thanks a lot again hihi 🙂 good luck

  2. Hi, Mi Xu.
    Firstly, I would like to say thank you very much for your meaningful writing. After reading your post, I have got more ideas about organizing activities in class. I totally agrree with you that some factors such as environment, learning activities, student’s strength and weakness are very important in children’s early development. However, it seems that in your first point of creating learning environment, you only mentioned the importance of factors without activities to develop it well. Therefore, I just wanna add some of my ideas about it. The first thing is that it’s better for you to take an example of how to create a good environment for chirlden to learn English. The environment here should be known as at home and at school. At home, parents can encourage their children to use English more by asking them how to call the family members or the household objects. This will make them more interested in English and then use it more frequently. What about at school? School can be considered as the best environment for students to learn English because English is still unpopular. therefore, we can have students speak only English in class, discuss everything is English, organizing funny games or activities in English. I think that the more students use English the better they will do. It’s just some of my ideas about creating learning environment for children. Hope it useful for your writing.

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